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re: somewhere between me and the other side

This poem was written by Maghan Baptiste in a 12-Month Poetry Collection Generator taught by Angel Nafis

and a mountain of tiramisu. it had been over a year since we last saw each other, yet all week we were our exact selves: trolling each other to tears, switching off our youngest sibling energies. there were baati tying instructions, hot cheetos in bed, pausing the tv to roll our eyes in an alliance of disgust. after our last dinner, we sat by the lake and shared a little silence. i love you, i pray for you, be well —

as soon as i started believing, they appeared everywhere. i’m curious about what made me listen to extraordinary machine 6 weeks in a row. who is it that keeps masking their face in my dreams while saving me from the falling tree, the fbi agents, the house party? last year, i dreamt of you, as you, for the first time. i saw only the back of your head. we were on a drive together and i was on the floor of the backseat, pawing at the middle console but you never looked back at me.

my my , my

maybe i should move to minneapolis

what do you think god will do with all of this?