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Excerpt from ‘Always the Gulf Always’

This novel excerpt was written by Emily Dziuban in A. E. Osworth’s 12-Month Novel Generator.

How do you do that? when they learn that RonMarie’s current girlfriend is Pope, who is the best friend of RonMarie’s first girlfriend Beck, who is the current girlfriend of Bailey, who was the first girlfriend of Pope. Swapped partners after two had an affair? And stayed friends? Who vacation? They did and they do and it was hard and everything’s better now; except . . . RonMarie struggles.

Always the Gulf Always

I know that chair. No, you don’t. I’ve slept under that white-on-blue sea-shelled comforter. No, you haven’t. This person is your girlfriend. No, she’s not.

s ankles were awkwardly arranged and in pain. She could feel heat in her face and salt water gathering in her eyes. She was now a fish puffing and expanding under threat.

Fucking what