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The “New Normal”: How COVID-19 Is Shaping Australian Culture and Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic is often compared to the 1918 Spanish Flu. This historical event is also called the “forgotten” pandemic, as an entire generation of brilliant, influential writes like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway have hardly mentioned it in their work, while covering important political and economic events of the time. Now, many worry […]

Oct 28, 2021
Catapult Alumni | Nonfiction
Fostering a Mindset of Lifelong Learning

Let yourself feel some pride over the fact that you’ve learned something new.

Aug 27, 2021
Catapult Alumni | Nonfiction
How a US Scholarship can Enrich and Benefit Your Child’s Life

As parents, we tend to make the silliest, most unreasonable decisions. Are we so infatuated by our children, so loving of our creation that we will do anything to keep them by our side, forever in our embrace, forever secluded from the challenges of the outside world? How far does a parent go to keep […]

Mar 24, 2021
Nonfiction | The Secret Life of
Hidden Traits Every Great Writer Possesses

Technology is great, but pen and paper is so deliciously simple, intimate, and close to heart.

Jan 8, 2018
Nonfiction | Diary
Accepting Your Child is All Grown Up

It’s never easy to accept that your kid is all grown up. I remember the shock I felt when my eldest daughter first told me that she had a boyfriend. Granted, she was six, and it was a boy she held hands with in preschool, but it was the first moment when I actually thought: […]

Jun 13, 2017