Catapult Alumni | Fiction
The Golden Eldorado

               It was about thirty seconds into the first round and not a hell of a lot had happened yet.  Pete and his opponent, some Bum-of-the-Month-Club guy, were testing each other out trying to spot a weakness, but already we sensed that Pete was in control.  Despite it being early in the bout, my […]

May 2, 2019
Catapult Alumni | Fiction
Losing the Lizard Girl

            … and the amygdala wanted to make sense, so it tried.  Bopitty bop boom.  A persistent assertion was being made.  Sha boom bam.  The woman chord displayed its flamboyant finery, being major and minor at the same time, morphing into G minor and along the way, belting out a doubly diminished ninth cluster.  The […]

Apr 26, 2019
Catapult Alumni
The Cenote and the Harp

             I thought of the things that were important. Then I asked myself if those things would be important later, wondering all the while about what it would be like to become a thing. Then the captain’s voice came over the intercom, and he gave a rundown on all the important things about the flight, […]

Sep 26, 2018
Catapult Alumni
The Pursuit of Perfection

             Later on the same trip, we got stuck in a horrendous traffic jam on a large bridge going into a major city. An early September heat wave had descended upon us. By this time, the temperature had unexpectedly swollen to nearly a hundred degrees. Bumper to bumper, the humans’ blaring and honking metallic machines […]

Aug 6, 2018
Catapult Alumni
The Gift of Forever

            The excavation of the pit had been going on for the better part of two days.  Like many diggers working on the vast grid, Chad was beginning to think his particular stratigraphic unit had every outward appearance of yielding no evidence of early human occupation.  Monotony was kicking in.  The heat from the sky […]

Mar 30, 2018