A Guide for Single Mothers Who Never Want to Get Married

Remember the girl on the wall, the heart in your fist.

Jun 15, 2017
What I Told the Wren

Reggae rolling under the breath of an open window. Clementine rinds abandoned in skirt-shapes near the stairs.  We watched the clouds, took stock of the weather to see if the pool party would hold. The party gave time a direction, a Saturday purpose, a sense of momentum–overlarge, suburban–sturdy enough to hide in the pantry and […]

Jun 15, 2017
Nonfiction | Diary
Postcards Against Purity

POSTCARD #1. Birmingham Zoo You ask the kids to name their spirit animal. I listen and wait my turn. Butterflies, bats, beavers, and jaguars. Nannies pushing strollers behind elegant mothers. I want to say I’d be the tigress, claws pitched open, teeth angling to slice– or the giraffe one head above the tallest oak tree, bird’s view, soil […]

Jun 14, 2017
Paddle Me

How marriage changes the water.

Nov 14, 2015