Catapult Alumni | Poetry
Lost Among the Consonants

I’m writing our initials in black sharpie on the tunnel wall. There’s already people who have come before me, hundreds of pairs of Qs and As and hearts in the middle, through a small hole in the brick I can hear the French accents, spinning through, a reminder that I am not where I belong, […]

Mar 28, 2019
Fiction | Short Story
Reenie & The Angel Boy

“The skeleton branches on the trees above us, like the scene was playing on a television and someone was fucking with the tint, the wind blowing shapes around, moving curvy limbs, branches, sticks.”

Feb 22, 2017
Nonfiction | Origin Story
Drama Days

“Because of this incident, girls do not want to act in scenes with you. They stand next to other boys in class just so they won’t have to act with you. This is what you think.”

Feb 22, 2017
Fiction | From the Archives of
The Hunley

“Whenever you do think of reaching out for the line, it’s been easier for you to fire up another bong load, turn up the music and lose another day.”

Feb 22, 2017