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“If you don’t tell the story someone else might, and they’ll change the facts”: José Vadi and Mensah Demary in Conversation

José Vadi’s work for Catapult magazine was unlike anything I’d encountered before. His essays are embodied and imbued with musicality, experimentation, play, and risk. After editing and publishing his essay “Getting to Suzy’s,” an on-the-ground examination of life in San Francisco amid rampant gentrification, I invited José to submit more work. And after publishing two […]

Sep 14, 2021
Columns | Watchword
Watchword: How Octavia Butler Teaches Us Persistence

Of all the things that have come and gone in my life, I wanted this one thing, just one: to be a writer.

May 6, 2019
Columns | Watchword
Watchword: A Writer Should Keep the Future in Mind

No one else can judge your practice. You must believe in the work that is in front of you, taking shape before your eyes.

Mar 25, 2019
Columns | Watchword
Watchword: On Toni Morrison’s “The Future of Time”

Morrison understood that the future is animated and expressed through us.

Feb 28, 2019
Catapult Extra | Excerpts
A Conversation with Adrian Shirk

“The conversation between the past and the present in New York is always kind of ambivalent.”

Feb 7, 2017
Catapult Extra | Excerpts
A Conversation with Esmé Weijun Wang

“I naturally gravitate toward writing about the illness and the body.”

Oct 31, 2016
Catapult Extra | Excerpts
A Conversation with Kashana Cauley

“I aim to tell entertaining, partially personal, partially data-based stories.”

Sep 23, 2016
Catapult Extra
Recap: Jane Alison’s Nine Island Launch at Housing Works

Catapult celebrates its newest book with readings and a panel discussion.

Sep 15, 2016
Catapult Extra | Excerpts
A Conversation with Andre Perry

“I wanted a way to talk to readers the way that I can only talk to my wife.”

Jun 10, 2016
Catapult Extra | Roundup
#CatapultReads: Staff Picks

Catapult staff members share their current reads

Apr 29, 2016