Turning Points

Nonfiction | Turning Points
Labari Na 1: A short story of a Male Hausa Feminist.

A bird can only fly its best when both wings are in good shape.

Oct 25, 2016
On Writing | Turning Points
The Palette Knife; or, How I Rewrote My Book

It wasn’t a matter of finding my voice, but listening to it. It had been there all along.

Oct 19, 2016
How To | Turning Points
Throwing It Out and Starting Again

“I now see fiction—my own and that of others—as work paused but never finished.”

Aug 25, 2016
How To | Turning Points
The Conjuring

I saw writing was not a remote magic but something one created—built.

Aug 4, 2016
How To | Turning Points
Meeting Nadine Gordimer

“I now accept that I am forever doomed to learning from my mistakes, whether in crafting a sentence, creating a book, or living out my life. That’s the writer’s burden.”

Jun 16, 2016
How To | Turning Points
Writers From the Other Europe

“My new professor, with his reading list of Central and Eastern European literature, had handed me a vast map with so much good territory to explore.”

May 26, 2016
How To | Turning Points
Standing on the Galata Bridge

“If I could write a eulogy for him, convey his value in a single page of prose, then how could I justify wasting 80,000 words on invented characters whom I felt nothing for?”

May 19, 2016
How To | Turning Points
When Your Memoir Needs Less of You

“It feels reassuring to write everything you remember, how it all felt. But to write well sometimes involves rejecting reassurance.”

May 12, 2016
On Writing | Turning Points
My Movement from Dancing to Writing

“Was I replacing one language with another, one way of communicating with another?”

Apr 28, 2016
On Writing | Turning Points
Learning to Be Embarrassed on the Page

“To risk something real as a writer is to risk making a fool of oneself.”

Apr 21, 2016