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When I think about Darwin’s wasps, I can put to rest my belief in God. It’s the afterlife that is hard to give up.

Peterson’s Field Guide to Insects

die what you consider your essence will cease to exist. You will no longer be able to commune with the people you love. Choosing to live without the assurance of an afterlife, therefore, feels like a kind of suicide, or murder.



MegarhyssaMegarhyssa macrurus

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Castor canadensis


Megarhyssa macrurus


How Different Religions View Death and Afterlife

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Life After Death


Our mothers are going to die, and for a while we are going to have to live without them.

He had a good life, and you just might see him again one day.

chipmunks and groundhogs and jumping mice; the estivation of turtles in summer; metamorphoses of all kinds, but in particular the monarch butterfly (what Sunday school classroom has not used this metaphor at Easter?); the dormancy of winter trees; the phases of the moon; the seasons themselves; sleeping and waking; monthly bleeding; and, though it is too early to remember, probably birth, even.

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