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Learning to Live with Durians Again

Was my rejection of the durian, Southeast Asia’s King of Fruits, a betrayal of my cultural identity, of my life in Singapore?

It’s so smelly I want to cry

I don’t remember you hating durians this much

This is NEXT LEVEL STINKY. Must be a new variety.

Yesterday, MSK $12 per kg; today, $20 per kg for best grade, Black Horn.

I’ve never reacted so strongly before.I can’t even open my eyes right now.

Just messaged Mom. I’m coming over tonight to try the durians! Very excited to try this black horn that has blinded my sister.

I actually just smell sweetnessWhy are you being so sensitive? You used to eat durians with us. Even though you have a heaty body type and could only eat two pieces before your nose started to bleed.

Something is wrong with your nose


3 HOURS Tibetan Singing Bowl Chakra Healing

Your hugs suck

I’m sorry to hear this. Your pain is valid.

Can you bring back walnuts and pecans and chocolate-covered blueberries from Costco please

Go shower now.

Go go go.

You bring back virus from New York.

Remember you used to cry so much, your dad would lock you in the bathroom for hours, and you would cry alone in the dark until you eventually stopped?

I don’t share things with you because you always blame me first, and it hurts me so muchCan’t you say “I understand” instead?

I keep chrysanthemum tea for you in the fridgeSorry I did not learn how to talk nicely from my mother.