Riding In Cars With ________.

Thanks to the struggling MTA and a little bit of laziness, I’ve been in and out of rideshares pretty frequently this year. I’ve been a loyal Uber patron since 2014 and recently found Juno and Via. On most days I am grateful for this alternative way to get around Brooklyn. I’ll never get over the […]

“pretty sure my uber driver just propositioned me…”

“I’m sure I’ve got something you want.”

“It’s imperative to report that my ride Friday night with this driver made me extremely uncomfortable”

I’m requesting my fare for this ride be refunded and that someone from uber reach out to let me know what kind of work you’re doing with your drivers to make sure that this line doesn’t continue to be crossed.”

“I’m sure I’ve got something you want.”

“Thanks for letting us know, Rudine. We’re sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with this ride. We’ve added $3 of credit to your account which will automatically be applied toward your next trip. Drivers who partner with Uber agree to maintain a high standard of professional service. We believe that this includes respect and politeness toward riders. We appreciate you taking the time to get in touch, let us know if there is anything else we can do to help. Thank you!”

Why should I continue to trust you? Why should anyone?

How is a canned response about policy acceptable to you when it is clear that your drivers don’t give a shit about policy?

Just how far was my driver supposed to go before you consider him to be more than “unprofessional”?