Nobody tells you this about motherhood.

Why? Because you are NOT supposed to complain.

Along with your sparkling little eyes came fear disguised in a lump in the throat, in existential thoughts, in the sudden realisation of the complexity and simplicity of death.

I became aware of my own death. I realised that you could die too, and I needed you and you needed me. 

And you were in my arms, fragile, new to life, yet, so powerful and demanding.  I was needed 24/7. Who is prepared for that?

I was told, “You can’t complain.”

“Of coure I can,” I grumbled.   Unveiling the multiple facets of motherhood doesn’t make me a better or worse mum, it just makes me HUMAN. Far from perfect. It is other people’s own inaccurate presupposition that mums are almighty, or at least, they would never ever dare complain! It is just… not right.

When you came into my life, childhood memories came backt to haunt me. Anything could  happen to you. Anything. It’s truly scary. 

But you are you, my baby girl. It looks logical, even foolish to describe such reality. However, it seems too hard to comprehend at times. You are different. You are NOT me (thank God) and you don´t belong to me.

You are magic.