Nonfiction | I Survived



          Everyone has a breaking point in their lives, it doesn’t matter the Age,Gender,Race or Size. Personality doesn’t even count, one way or the other we have fallen victim of circumstances that has either made us or marred us. we are all children of Nature, which has given life the power to define us beyond human explanation in all by making us go through pain, sorrow, suffering, frustration,depression,desperation, to see if we can survive. life has always been an unbalanced equation as we don’t usually get all we want.

      Now, its me verses the World, I choose happiness life says No, I choose to laugh life does the opposite, I choose to me, life says its not enough. I can only speak for myself but Damn Life! the story of my life is a tale I must tell. my life had always been about other how to be like them, or how I could beat them forgetting that life ain’t no competition and the sky is big enough for us to fly. I could give up anything and everything to be like others, I was negative and I was wrong . Happiness was more than me and its more than us, gradually I began to see the world as it is not as it should be, I learned to embrace my true self. the world will still go on with or without me, only my legacy  lives on . The world has a short memory and forgets soon.

    Me verses the World, all those times i felt depressed and questioned my sanity, love came and conquered. we need to love and be loved, love is the ultimate. They wanted to see me sad, Love has silenced them. ME 100 verses THE WORLD 0. I’ve found Happiness in  all, friends and family. I laugh now.

      The world will know my name, and everything and everyone becomes a part of my success story because I’ll survive, I must survive, and I have survived.