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All You Need Is Less

Less Is More

The truth is that Life is not that simple. We attempt to make it simple. We meditate, seek the moment, relax, write, pray, but still we find that we trip and stumble, often over little things that we just can’t shake and we wonder at ourselves. If we suffer from anxiety, depression or other moods and symptoms, we are very much used to trouble ensuing from every day mediocrity.

What this picture above is supposed to say is All You Need Is Less. But only Need Is Less would fit. Maybe the mind fills in the meaning or maybe the meaning that it really has is so subjective that we only are able to absorb it at some deep level of pattern and fractility. My point is that I live this way often day to day. I have to trust that there is a pattern. Sometimes the most creative moments are the ones that come from grabbing the wrong color paint, tearing the paper accidentally or even making up a word.  The point is that we have to trust.

Trusting comes with efforts and often enduring great amounts of pain and mental anguish. But we can do it. I can trust that my book and my writing is actually good. I can trust that my face is actually beautiful. I can trust that my partner actually does love me unconditionally. I can trust that I will die at the divine moment the Universe has planned for me. I can trust that when I say or think a prayer that it catches some ray of light or wisp of breeze and it is carried to a place of coherency in the cosmos. Trusting in these patterns, in existence, results in faith. I want faith. I need it. It helps me love myself and in turn helps me spread love in the world; the answer to all healing.

So weather it is “All you need” or “All you need is less” or simply “Need is less”, I believe we can find meaning in the phrase. We can find meaning in anything if we look hard enough. Maybe it is not really looking hard but it is softening our eyes and taking a step back. Life is complicated enough. So I wish to simplify. I do think this is true, that All I need is Less. I do not need more. I do not need more to do, I do not need more attention, I do not need more love, I do not need more complications. I have everything that I need. And if I don’t, I believe that the universe will provide. So, thank you. Thank you for being exactly who you are. Less is more, it always has been.