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The Most Memorable Annual Pig Parade of Kharagpur

“Devilish,” said all of Kharagpur, after the Rosarios and their pig walked in the annual parade. “No pig’s supposed to jump backwards. Or laugh.”

In the slow-moving railway town of Kharagpur—where a clipped-moustache, suit-wearing sahib of the Leftover Raj, Old Rosario, once roamed with a tiger cub on a leash and winked at ayahs when the missus wasn’t looking—the most exciting event of the year took place in December.






Fat little witch,

Hump hump hump!

Let’s see your pig,

Jump jump jump!

You have been purchased and at a price. So glorify God in your body…We are stewards, not owners of the life of God…Our condolences go out to you at this moment…