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The Google Docs Will See You Now

Mom must have skipped some meds the day I dropped in on her because she took one look at my iPhone and launched into one of her kvetches. “You know how I worry about those foilishtik internets, but I only nag you about it because I love you. I just want you should not be […]

She had a point, I had to admit. Take that fitness wristband, which has an app that beams stats on your footsteps, workouts, pizzas and sodas to a mother ship orbiting out there where health privacy laws don’t apply. Those morsels of data are only marginally useful to you, but could be invaluable to medical device makers, drug companies, and insurers the next time you get sick.

Sooner or later there will be an app for suicide and it will surely come with a prepaid final expense insurance policy. Probably from Google. So listen to your mother and Geh Gesund!