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Writers Who Eat: Ross Gay Conversation with Bix Gabriel

“I’m writing about my relationship with the land, and I need to get from sorrow to debt to gratitude.”

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Be Holding

RG: Wow, neat question. I don’t know if I do. That’s such a great question because when you said especially fruit—it’s so true—because you know I’m bananas for fruit! (Laughter.) It’s just how it is, and you know not everyone is, but even as a little kid, the wild raspberries on the edge of the highway were my thing! I was just like, “Oh my god!” Or like the pear tree over in the other neighborhood where I used to skateboard, you’d go by and there was this pear tree ’cause they planted pear trees in Levittown, and evidently, people really didn’t know what these pear trees were all about, and on and on and on. So you’re right, you’re absolutely right to point out, or notice, that kind of thing. It’s true.


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BG: Maybe that’s a place where you are more comfortable inhabiting pleasure—you seem to derive so much pleasure from it.



this is who you are


The Book of Delights



chickpeas – 1 can
tahini – a quarter of a cup or so
garlic, chopped – 5 cloves
cumin – a hefty dash
lemon juice – about 1 lemon, depending on the size and juiciness
paprika – a dash, to your taste (or other peppers of your choosing; Ross sometimes does Thai peppers!)
salt – a dash
olive oil – a lot, maybe a quarter cup

Throw everything except the olive oil into a blender. Turn the blender on, and slowly add the olive oil using the drip hole or in whatever way you can. If the hummus is too dry or thick, add a bit of water. Keep going until the chickpeas are pureed and you have a smooth spread. Enjoy.