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“Write your reality”: A Conversation with Janice Lee

“That is, my nonfiction isn’t any more ‘real’ than my fiction.”

Imagine a Death Imagine a Death Imagine a Death


Allisen Lichtenstein: What did your path to becoming a writer look like?

Treasury of Stories and VerseImagine a Death

AL: Your writing path has journeyed across multiple genres: fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction—how have you approached these different forms? And what does your writing practice look like?

what ifsentence

AL: How did you come to this particular book? What was the initial seed?


AL: That is such a striking image that resonates with what’s happening in the book on the level of language. The book breaks down the borders of dreams and realities, showcases different points of view that stretch across species, offers nonlinear narratives, and is filled with run-on sentences. What made you interested in these experimental styles?


Imagine a Death

AL: Amid these intimacies and links that language creates, you’ve also shown the ways that death is so linked to life. Can you speak a bit about how you approached writing into these themes?

AL: I’m curious to know what other texts or practices have influenced your work?

AL: What advice do you have for writers who are interested in pursuing more experimental forms of prose?