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When Do You Stop Writing?

Let’s give answering this difficult question a shot.

This is Thank You for Asking, a column by Cinelle Barnes responding to writing questions asked at workshops, on panels, and in DMs.

loathe baneHate this job. Well why don’t you give me another try?


How do you know when to stop writing?How do you know when to stop Writing?

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In my experienceit’s better to not give it all in one sitting . . . so that I can give something the next time I sit down.

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The things I do to pay off student loansWelcome to class, everyone!

We are not sharing our family histories with each other. We are mainly talking about storytelling and revision techniques.

Thank you for asking. Do you mind expounding?

Thank you for what you’ve shared thus far. What I’m hearing you ask is how do you know when to stop Writing when the story might shake the order of things in your family?

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If Ross feels it, we all feel it!

I grew up kind of broke. I was taught to hustle . . . there’s something ravenous that I notice if I don’t do that [capitalistic] thing. It feels like it comes from a feeling of deprivation, a feeling of fear that I think we’re supposed to feel. I don’t mean we’re supposed to as souls. I think we’re “supposed to” as creatures who are constantly being told that we’re not enough. We’re supposed to . . . do more and do more and compete and do the best and win.

But how do we stop? But how? But who?


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Stop right now. Thank you very much. . . . Hey, you, always on the run. Gotta slow it down, baby. Gotta have some fun.