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Five Exercises to Clarify What You’re Writing About

If you’re having trouble seeing the forest through the trees, these exercises will help you pinpoint what kind of story you’re trying to tell—and who your audience might be.

’m writing about about upfront.

The Little Mermaid Timeline A:

The Little Mermaid Timeline B:and

Answer the Query Formula

What or who needs to accomplish what by when, where, and why?

Why are you the best or only person who could write this?

—or tell you this project isn’t actually right for you.

What particular thing happened to me and why will readers care?

What was universal in my very particular experience?

As an expert in X, I’m going to be presenting an exploration of Y with the overall goal of Z.

As an expert in gut-health, I am going to explore bacteria through the ages with the goal of getting people to stop washing their hands.

Publishers Marketplace

Big deal Editor via Big Deal Agency preempted Writer McWriter’s debut novel “Jawsy” about the pup of a murdered big white shark who vows to take revenge—for his species and his father—on the tourists of Cape Cod.

plus plot point 1

plus plot point 2

I’m obsessed with multitasking book titles

• Tone: Is it funny? Lush? Serious? Thrilling?

• Setting: Does the work take place somewhere specific geographically or in a specific time period?

• Crux: What is the heart of the project—what is it about?

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