Catapult | Poetry

Complicit Poem

When was the last time you chose / a glass of pinot over fair pay?

not complicit. But my rage, this page

department that employs me.

while I write to get free. And my friends

teary-eyed, and feel unimplicated

—what could have been courage.

a glass of pinot over fair pay?

our parents with pesticides?

of what white people choose to look at.

Desperate, they hurt each other,

then went to bed on a dirt floor.

acknowledgement as redeeming,

—a shame, fascinating—art?

or write, only spell their children’s

Criselda, that most fail to pronounce. Here

makes me responsible for what

solicit their absolution from my C.V.

like my mother in the July issue

your creativity look like?

that we are not taught

it can change the world.

When I write

I’m going back to the part of me
that didn’t do better

of my white friends say that.