Catapult | Catapult Artist

“Be mindful of what you consume visually every day.”: Monica Ahanonu, Catapult Artist for April 2020

“I try and represent many types of beauty to show that everyone is beautiful in their own way.”


Photograph courtesy of Monica Ahanonu

Monica Ahanonu: For me, being an artist, the way I am currently, wasn’t something that came early in life. One thing that has always stuck out to me are words a classmate had said to me in the sixth grade. I spent the entire class period drawing a children’s book. Afterward, I read it to her. While laughing out loud at my wild drawings, she said, “I swear, when you get older you’re going to be doing this for a living.”

While I was an intern, I received a lot of positive reactions to my illustrations and color combinations that I thought were things that everyone naturally understood how to do. This really helped me fully believe that my interests in becoming an artist professionally were valid and possible.



Illustration by Monica Ahanonu