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Finding Confidence and Growth Through Art: Isabelle Laureta, Catapult Artist for November 2018

“Art is able to go straight to a person’s very core—a place other channels simply cannot reach.”

As part of our Catapult Artist program, Nicole Caputo, Catapults art director, sits with November’s #CatapultArtist for a conversation on art, creativity, and the artist’s life.

Illustration by Isabelle Laureta for Catapult; 


And it doesn’t turn off at will just like that. Whenever I get too overwhelmed, I ask friends and loved ones to read the essay for me and tell me what they think. I pretty much base my ideas and sketches on these (and my) genuine reactions.

and that’s a terrifying fact. With so many artists emerging and almost non-existent regulations on what you can and can’t put out there, it’s a sad thing to admit that art can be hurtful too, especially in the kind of social media culture we live in today. A responsible artist acknowledges the enormity of this influence and takes precautions accordingly.

Photograph courtesy of Isabelle Laureta

I have been very lucky to have met people who constantly support me and give me opportunities that would help me put my works out there. I get very anxious sharing my works on my own because I still have so much to learn and it gives me a lot of insecurities. I have learned recently though that one of the first steps I can take is to simply talk honestly about my works and myself as an artist.

s scary and it makes me feel vulnerable, but it’s what I’ve got to do if I want to improve and grow and eventually become satisfied with myself enough not to cringe anymore whenever I answer people who ask what I do. •

This interview has been edited for clarity.