Catapult Extra | Roundup

Tuesday Reads from Around the Web

Stories from BuzzFeed, The New Yorker, and Narratively

Although Mothers Day has already passed, Im still thinking about our relationships with our parents and how their influence can pour into artistic endeavors, body image, and politics. This week, I gathered some  of my best reads that demonstrate the themes of identity, family, and interpersonal drama.

1.  BuzzFeed Books Editor Isaac Fitzgerald on his modest beginnings in New England,  family eating habits, and confessions from a former fat kid:

3.  She thought that she was only going to the hospital to deliver a baby. But then she tested positive for meth. It seemed like a joke until Child Protective Services showed up. An essay by Maggie Downs:

Cornelia Li

4. Vanessa Garcias  family fled Communist Cuba so when the opportunity came about for her to board the first U.S cruise to Havana, she seized it:

5.  David Ulin on how books were the conduits through which he could communicate with his father:

Will Varner