Catapult Extra

Launched This Week: December 5th-9th

A roundup of stories from our week together at Catapult.

Hello, friends. We kicked off the week with this gorgeous gut-punch of a comic, “When We Were Whole,” by the inimitable Liana Finck.

This is the unspoken sentiment: We welcome people who are like us, people who adopt our values, people who shed their beliefs like a snake sheds skin, leaving behind their homeland customs as they grow into their new identity.

Tracy O’Neill’s new Body Language column—on her brother’s craniofacial disorder, her Trump-supporting adoptive relatives, and the things that hold a family together and tear it apart—absolutely destroyed me this morning; you should read it.


“. . . that weekend made clear the very thing I had been denying for the past four years: I was being subsumed by something else, going to a place where my family could not follow.