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Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Twenty Questions with Literati’s Mairead Small Staid

“What would you title your memoir?”
“Never Up Early Enough.”

One of the very best things about publishing books is meeting the amazing minds behind independent bookstores all over. As Catapult approaches its one-year anniversary, indies continue to be a huge part of our success, so we want to show a little love for the people who run them. We’re starting with Mairead Small Staid, an event coordinator at Literati Bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She writes about country music and professional wrestling for Jezebel, and about other less highbrow topics for publications like , , , , , and .

I asked Mairead twenty hard-hitting questions to find out what makes her tick.



What rhymes with Mairead Small Staid?

BelovedPacking for MarsLeaving Orbit

Thelma & Louise

Swimming StudiesLittle LaborsVeep

15. Do you have an unusual skill or talent you’re proud of?


Never Up Early Enough

PondDept. of SpeculationThings That Are