Catapult Alumni

Sound Deliverance

Life rejected me. Music was there to catch me.

So, life rejected me 

And Music caught me,

Narrowly avoiding the fate

Of falling.

Like a soft pillow,

Or a labyrinth of prayer

Coalescing in my brain,

Reviewing past patterns,

Recalling identity buried deep,

Connecting me to my history

In a very healing way.

In this way,

 Art should be available.


Free to become entwined with,

A vocal poetry of the people.

Can flavors be colors,

In the spices and sauces

We consume?

Can your image become sound,

dancing in notes around

My planetaria, 

My aligned self;

Squeezing out the excess,

Delivering redemption?

In a seed, in a song, in a color, 

In a single note…

It filtered through the glass,

balancing on a wave of light;

It found me here,


Trying to breath,

Settling the psychological pressure

Within my blood cells.

I listened

You prayed

I became.