Catapult Alumni

Celebrating Our Students & Looking Ahead to 2017

Our community is stronger than ever, and for that, we are very grateful.

When Catapult’s writing program was little more than an idea, we dreamed of creating a kind of MFA program without barriers; a space equally devoted to rigorous critique and generative play; a program that would unite emerging writers with established mentors and demystify the process of getting published. We wanted to build a series of classes that would help writers find and hone their voices, and might also introduce them to some lifelong friends.

In April 2015, James Hannaham led our first ever Catapult workshop. Nine writers were in his group. I’ve heard that they still meet regularly, exchanging work and keeping up the community that they first found here. Since then, more than 500 writers have taken our classes.

from acceptances into top MFA programs, to first bylines and published books, to those quiet moments when the work breaks open into something that surprises you—I am filled with hope. The community we have built here, that our students and instructors have built—it’s stronger than ever, and for that, we at Catapult are very grateful.