Catapult Alumni
2018 Catapult Writing Program Alumni Accomplishments

We asked our students for their writing news from 2018 and are so impressed by all they’ve accomplished, from magazine publications to book deals to residencies and more.

Jan 9, 2019
Catapult Instructors
“The only obligation I felt was to the characters…”

An interview with Classes instructor Fatima Farheen Mirza, the New York Times bestselling author of A PLACE FOR US, at Electric Literature

Oct 3, 2018
Catapult Extra
Intern with us in New York City!

We’re hiring two interns for winter/spring 2018.

Nov 7, 2017
Catapult Extra
Don’t Write Alone: This Weekend!

After the election, we started thinking about our roles as writers, and how that has already changed and will continue to change in the months and years to come. We realized that we’re strongest when we’re together, and that hearing from each other is crucial. So we started Don’t Write Alone, a communal writing event […]

Jun 22, 2017
Catapult Instructors
Hanging Out in Other People’s Heads: An Interview with Catapult Instructor Shelly Oria

“As a writer you get to know the characters so much better—their quirks and fears, the wirings and miswirings of their psyche—and it can be so much fun, and at times such an escape from whatever is going on in your own mind.”

Mar 2, 2017
Catapult Alumni
Catapult Student Highlights! January edition

Exciting new updates from some of the Catapult Writing Program’s students!

Jan 11, 2017
Catapult Alumni
Student Spotlight: 20 Questions with Quentin Greif

Twenty questions for a devoted member of Catapult’s classes community.

Nov 15, 2016
Catapult Extra
Recap: Catapult Student Write-In (with Writing Prompts from Instructors!)

Members of Catapult’s writing program came together for a communal writing session.

Nov 3, 2016
Catapult Alumni
Catapult Student Highlights! October edition

Catapult students have books forthcoming from Little, Brown; Merit Press; and Graving Grain.

Oct 4, 2016
Catapult Alumni
Student Spotlight: Swati Khurana

“I feel compelled to write stories in which I could see myself, as not only a South Asian woman, but also as someone whose preoccupations appear on the page.”

Aug 11, 2016