Jif Wars

I want to incorporate a peanut butter and banana sandwich into my lunch routine and by the time my kind, loving husband returns home I am as excited about this sandwich as the Tea Party was about John Boehner resigning the speakership.

Nov 2, 2015
The Beautiful People Don’t Shop at My Walmart

“My only fear about shopping at Walmart on a Sunday after Spin class is that I’ll end up on that website: I’d much rather be on the peopleofwholefoods website. The people at Whole Foods are so hot they should get together and publish a Whole Foods Swimsuit Calendar.”

Oct 25, 2015
Nonfiction | Then & Now

The last time I wrote at length in this space I was unmarried, both of my kids were still in high school, and my mother was alive. Oh, and I wasn’t 50! As David Bowie so eloquently put it: “. . .turn and face the strange, ch-ch-changes!” I am not the first person to experience […]

Oct 20, 2015