Catapult Alumni | Poetry
I Hear America Singing Different

I, too, hear America singingFrom where the margin is the center I hear it sing the whistles of guillotinesthat sit upon heads like tropical fruit basket hats,overflowing with small universes of bountyand fiefdoms of riches I hear it sing with the chomp of perfect teeth on a cavendish,masticating fruit & bone & gutswith the subtle […]

Nov 6, 2019
Catapult Alumni | Poetry
All You Need For A Party

Mami always said you only need some soda and a radio for a party You see there’s something magical some alchemy about that recipe Somehow it conjured potfuls of rice and beans and plastic table covers and tía Orfelia with a cooler full of tamales and tía Noris with a duffel of pasteles en hoja […]

Oct 19, 2019
Catapult Alumni | Poetry
not in your body

You are not located in this body

Oct 15, 2019
Catapult Alumni | Poetry
Song of an Ancient New York City God

king of the block king of kings skinny muscle open hydrant god fire escape pull up champ turnstile gazelle nobody fucks with you fear of god Apollo of the block summoned by the bird call curls glisten in the sun eyes ablaze on concrete bluetooth speaker tropical beats Astarte of the block Double dutch dance […]

Jul 2, 2019
How Not To Have Javier Kick Your Ass

“What’s it going to feel like when Javi punches you in the face?”

Jun 14, 2018
Fiction | Short Story

“…sometimes you just want something sweet.”

Mar 11, 2016
Jonny’s Tunnel

“…at that age you operate on eternity mode.”

Feb 17, 2016