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The Body Has Teeth: On Stephen King and Stand By Me

“If I were writing a book about a movie, it would be Stand By Me.”

Stand By MeThe BodyThe BodyStand By MeThe Body

Stand By Me

Goodbye, ColumbusThe Squid and the WhaleStand By MeThe BodyThe BodyStand By Me

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Stand By Me

The Body

Stand By Me The Body

Why do I so love and ? Why do they ‘work’?

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What does it mean that the third stanza is the poem’s doorknob? If a doorknob is used to open a door, what does that stanza open up in the poem? What are other poems’ doorknobs? If we look back at our own poems, could a word or line or stanza or moment be pointed to as its doorknob? If not, does the poem need one?

Stand By Me

The Best American PoetrybonesWhat are the advantages of borrowing or using another poem’s bones? How could we echo that borrowing ourselves? Might it be possible to use another’s poem’s bones as a doorknob in our poems currently without entrance or exit?

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The Body

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Stephen King’s The Body

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