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In Which the Magpie Seeks the Zeitgeist of the Losers

The stuff we talk about after we finish with our weekly outrage.

Magpie, definition, Cambridge Dictionary: 1) a bird with black and white feathers and a long tail, 2) someone who likes to collect many different objects, or use many different styles

The Magpie is frequently confused these days. Existence is bewildering in and of itself, of course, but this moment feels particularly opaque and strange. It sometimes seems as if there is a very large animal, or several of them, pushing on reality from behind the panels of the everyday. It’s hard to tell what they are. They make shapes and sounds, but is that a tusk or a hoof? A threatening bellow or the cry of a calf? I see the big signs: the indices, the civic battles, the continuing violence. I hear the debates. I jump in.

Mozart in the Jungle