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In Which the Magpie Considers What a Giant Might See

Puppies . . . daffodils . . . surveillance-proof cloaks

Magpie, definition, Cambridge Dictionary: 1) a bird with black and white feathers and a long tail, 2) someone who likes to collect many different objects, or use many different styles

“You know,” said a non-paranoid journalist friend at dinner the other night, “they’re going to be able to scan retinas in crowds, like marches or protests, from way, way up in the air. The technology is beyond.” It was not at all far-fetched, she said, that the NSA, or whoever, would be able to look into anyone’s eyes from nearly anywhere, like giants with bionic vision, and identify people from their retinas, which are more individual than fingerprints. She speculated that body-covering, surveillance-proof cloaks would be the new status item for the rich.