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How to Read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s ‘Americanah’

“I am three days aged in Lagos and cry as my fingers turn the first page.”


I discovered race in America and it fascinated me. I discovered race in Americahere

You cooked for them?

ebaokra soup


Power RangersPower Rangers

Ekaaro Ekaaro Ma. Ekaaro

Who do you want to seeWhich organization are you representing? You don’t have any identification?


You did such a good job.

He just thinks you’re pretty.


You are really beautiful for a dark-skinned girl


an the

I forget but I don’t forgive

Is there anything you want to talk about? Maybe something you’ve wanted to ask me?Ekaaro

Why did you decide to move to NigeriaWow you’re still here,

You are really a Nigerian now