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If You Want Peace, Go to a Graveyard

“I grew up with the specter of death all around me.”

Grey Gardens

Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark

What it like to be dead?

Initially, despite the rumors of ritual sacrifices and escaped convicts living there, I always picked the woods. I’d take my chances with the killers and wild animals in the confinement of the trees and brush; the other two options just didn’t appeal to me. I didn’t want to be among the jocks or the dead.

I believe that cemeteries, the places where we bury the dead, saved my life.

Masterpiece Mystery!Masterpiece Mystery!Sesame Street

From Here to Eternity

Where do people go when they die?

On the Laying Out, Planting, and Managing of Cemeteries, and on the Improvement of Churchyards

The Wizard of Oz

Who is next? Could it be somebody I love? Could it be me?