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Elegy for the Future Myrtle Avenue

“The year is the measure of a gentrifying neighborhood.”

Sans Soleil

What gives the street its color in January, what makes it suddenly different, is the appearance of kimono.

Is it a two-for-one? Well, I don’t need two.

Would you be interested in adding M&Ms or Snickers to your purchase today?Be well

He smell like my Haitian uncle

Sans SoleilGinzaShimbashi Mitsukoshi

kung fu

Every Building on the Sunset Strip

No one ever gives me attitude at Starbucks,

Sesame Street

How’s business?

Can’t complain, can’t complain. Got a little slow there in the winter, but we’re coming back up!

Everything Must Go

Sunset Stripcancerous and ultimately fatal

Soon they will be doing plenty of Rambo-Vegas style projects that will span Sunset Boulevard with skywalk bridges and mirror escalator malls that will be cruel to the eyesI wish time would stand still.

I wish time would stand still.Sunset StripReal Estate Opportunities