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At Sea with Scientists, I Learned What It Means to Be an Explorer

We think of explorers in terms of what they discovered—the Eureka moment, not the search. The search is imperfect and frustrating and owes you nothing.

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okay the possibility is now a reality for someone to join me at sea in the Gulf of Mexico to do deep-sea work with a remote-operated vehicle . . . What I am looking for is anyone who can help us do outreach to the public. Writers, photographers, artists, makers, creators working in any medium.

The research you do is ripe for metaphors about life and adaptability, which is exactly what a good essay requires.

It looks like I have a free spot on the upcoming cruise. Would love to chat with you more and see if you are still interested in joining us.

Science of the South


POV launch at sunrise / Photograph by River Dixon


Tying up Lucky / Photograph by Craig McClain



Flytrap anemone / Photograph by Eden Robins