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How Solange and Morgan Parker Inspired Me to Write My Heroine

I thought I had to make myself smaller, quieter, in order to survive.

I am a big crier—not in public, but on the couches of close friends and in the quiet of my own bedroom, wrapped in my softest blankets. I have always been a highly emotional person, and have long felt guilty about it. As a Black woman, I live every day aware of media caricatures that often force people like me into one-dimensional stereotypes: either the sassy Black sidekick, or strong and resilient to the point of being nothing else.


A Seat at the Table


A Seat at the Table

I am going to feel what I want to feel and be who I want to be, and I won’t apologize for itDon’t smile unless you want to. Sleep in. Don’t see the news. Remember what the world is like for white people.

I run the streets sometimes they run me I’m the body of the queen of my hood filled up with bad wine bad drugs mu shu pork sick beats