The war of 1944

lest we forget that it should not be for nought.

The swarm was split. It bursts  apart with flame and writhes  in collected  screams of pain of individual death; as their cell bodies bloody burst and are blasted  apart.  
             At a distance  and alongthis skewed, clawedskirt;heir numbers held fast, for still they clambered this grey concrete  fort. They slid forth, this  ammunition of men, this gathering of cowled monks, determined to succeed on this  perverted pilgrimage; and  while they writhe forward,  they slowly throttle their  enemy, for one single reason: a victory against a tyranny. A fight againsts a beast, whose vice like grip, breaks the cracked backs of the weak and the impoverished. That is why this ammunition of green is  unconcerned, about the blue  bodies upon whom they tread; for this is war and the future -at this point-  is uncertain.
              In sonic screams of resonance, the bombs fall. Then rip apart in brutal blast waves. It’s a king’s sadistic reign, from a throne no one fully glimpses.The explosion’s leave behind wet tonged kisses, from empty cavernous mouths, that leave soft sighs, as their blistering light transforms human bodies into unknown forms; that are gathered up in wisps of air; to beremoved from all their fear guilt and despair.  
             The bloody noise is maddening, deafening and numbing.It slaps humans down.  In squeezed air of detonation, their bodies become transformed into mere meat; they are cast down upon an altar, to their ancient invisible titan, Cronos, who, slowly starts to devour them. While  suckeling on the marrows of the dead men’s  bones, his eyes become wide with pleasure, as white drooling cum spills from his full wet lips.
                  Salt sea mixes with wet sand along this  rough’s added with a slap of ice blood, that hits the face and chokes the throat, as yet unbroken though weighted bodies slowly drown in the water. Some  are  gasping for air; they fight before the dark, but are caught and punctured with  spiralling bullets, that slide  through  softening skin,  to release pulped organs. These spits of spiralling death,  are reflected in a  forced impact;  a crunch upon the shoulder from a whump, pumped in a rotating recoil that stings. The vicious kiss from the automatic weapon, cracks cotton fibre and then bruises the flesh hidden bones pressuring  soft arteries , that  spurt in wild furious arcs, through the heart and into the brain through which reflects in these  crazed eyed soldiers,  who yell themselves hoarse with fears.
                   White spittle insane fury, explodes from wounded cut mouths; while above, and from the cloudy, cluddy, sky,  there resounds  the  whumping crash smash splash  of explosions, with  gusts of screams from the  imploding  bombers, that burst and blister into knotty expanding orange balls of flame, before slamming with a deafening crescendo into the skirt with a roar that all whom hear it,  become mute. to all else upon this war torn bloody shore.
                 And was it worth it…was it worth it?The war of 1944?When in the end the all victorious want is the Axis to take the floor?
            Tell me was it worth It was it worth it?   For in this bloody victory of a better tomorrow, a dying generation can now only look with bitter sorrow, at their the tears for their hero’s, whose lives have been shedfor nought.
           For that generation has been shriven; driven away by less worthy money men, their own children who’d rather that their children  forget, that times- ironic- arrow, as led to this:Another  vile decay, on a beach today. 

             For with  muted mouths, we all watch our screens; as the crows circle in slow cycles, before descending, then nipping, ripping and tipping upon the bloated water flesh of children that this so called brave society, built out of the deaths of our forefathers,  slowly turned its back on.