Nonfiction | Origin Story

The Silver Screen, Its Chemicals, and the Boy Who Sat to Watch.

On the weight of making and watching movies.

This is (part) of my story.

I wasn’t supposed to make it. My body, my soul, the mechanics of my muscular heart, were overlaid in whispers of death. I was born premature: 26 weeks early, weighing 1 pound and six ounces. I later fell to 1 pound and three ounces – the size of a soda can. Pumped with iron and other essential vitamins, I was placed in an incubator: a box that kept me shielded from the outside world. Binding me.

AladdinStar Wars

I Dream –  I served as  writer producer and director, in Allentown, PA,Alice and Wonderland;  and during my time abroad in London, I Self-Portrait (Of A Black Artist), all while continuing to perfectWalking Shadows

Night Catches Us, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty,Medicine for Melancholy, RECORD/PLAY, Pumzi, Middle of Nowhere, Pariah, Creed,