The day the sinner scored the goal with the hands of god

———————————- ———————————– ———————Since his school days Abir was an average student, pranking others and thinking up of new ways to be mischievous were his top priorities.He would devote all his time to such activities and his notebooks and text books would always remain brand new.From a very young age he got into the habit of.peeping […]

———————————- ———————————– ———————Since his school days Abir was an average student, pranking others and thinking up of new ways to be mischievous were his top priorities.He would devote all his time to such activities and his notebooks and text books would always remain brand new.From a very young age he got into the habit of.peeping through windows of neighbours.Whenever he caught any girl his age studying or doing something inside a room he couldn’t resist his whim of darting paper plane or small pebbles at her.After that he would run at the speed of light and vanish into thin air.His was not a joint family but his uncles and aunts built their house circlingtheir family.Now getting into the main course of the story is becoming pretty difficult task for me ‘cuz an affair between two cousins when got into my auditory canal I myself couldn’t believe my ears ‘cuz really on that day I became aware of a bizarre world where many more weird relationship like this often being found or heard and when I heard about the magnitude of such relationship it churned my head 360 degrees and the fact that ‘am going to cater really made me feel updated.Whatsoever the mass of the vessel of knowledge doesn’t make any sense here, lets come back to the story, Abir and the younger daughter of her own uncle Mimi were going steady and their relationship was always shielded by their blood, their identical blood kept their relationship miles away from suspicion and that was what brewed a piece of cloud at a corner of a vast ocean of belief.Mini was a high school student then and what happens to youth of her age this time also happened to her.She would see life lavishly colourful that dragged her to the last flight to hell, hedonism eclipsed Mini till her last bit of sanity.On the other hand Abir stumbled down upon the first step of college and bade good bye to the high esteemed building, but his father Prottush Ganguly was the most sensible father amongst all others in their locality and sensing the tremor under the sole of Abir’s future faster than him he got Abir admitted into the school of leather technology from back door.Abir was smart enough to label himself to be a backbencher there also and he never felt ashamed of that.Meanwhile Mini’s elder sister Ratna’s marriage was fixed after year’s long chosing and rejecting.Since some indispensible shopping was still left undone though meagre in quantity her parents chose a suitable sunday for that last hour shopping.I believe behind every event or phenomenon there has to be a reason.Destiny perhaps was longing for this golden moment.He mustered the world of cloud above Mini’s house.Mini’s parents decided to take Ratna along with them on shopping leaving Mini under Abir’s custody blindfolded and there was planted the seed of destruction.What could be the consequence of congregation of fire and oil is known to everybody and Mini’s everything burnt into Ashes in the conflagration when she surrendered her virginity to her own gene bearing brother but on Mini’s part the tipsy vanished soon after the bodily game was over, suddenly an unknown fear appeared out of the blue and encircled her from all around.Mini hid that out of Abir’s sight,.Abir went back home ambling nonchalantly.Everything was going as usual so was their relationship but in the very first week of the fresh month Mini started feeling some unusual event happening inside.but seeing her apathy towards her usual meal her parents also thought it to be her stomach disorder or something like thatbut being a high school student Mini could smell the toxic cloud and easily diognise the symptoms of mother hood and in no time rushed to Abir in secret but an unemployed vagabond who was unsure about his own future felt a world of load on shoulder.Mini’s utmost endeavour of convincing him for a life long solution went in vain.Abir turned out to be a sheer treason, Mini discovered a pest of hell the cowardest of the cowards in front, though it took her quite a few minutes yet she smothered all her apprehension, grief hatred in herself and went back home.All other members in her house were immersed in merry making as they were approaching Ratna’s marriage day so not even a bit of suspicion could twist their lazing mode.Mini took no time in making her mind up but the way she framed her plan couldn’t wrinkle her elders’ brows.That night Mini took the full dinner clinching her jaws and instead of going to bed she got into her study asking Ratna not to stay awake for her saying “I have worlds of homework left to do Re didi, I can’t go to bed before 2a.m”.It was midnight then, whole India was fast asleep, Mini silently sitting by her open window staring at the blasting silver fabric listening to the last symphony of the humming crickets, perhaps trying to unleash the entire worldly illusion from her soul.After chasing the rolling waves inside for over an hour Mini finally got prepared.She made the most reliable knot with one of her long ‘Urnas’ and tied the other end with the ceiling fan, she then stood on her reading table that she drawn under the fan and accomplished the deed that she considered to be her penance.Morning dawned but noticing the unruffled part of the bed where Mini used to lie and not seeing her around Ratna rushed to Mini’s study but with a mild push she opened the door and found Mini hanging she was about to lose her sense but with all her might controlled herself, she screamed as loud as she could that prompted the whole lot of neighbours gathered in front of their house, their parents condition need not be explained ‘cuz the dampen page will hinder my readers to go through the rest of the part.The news the moment got to Abir’s ear stirred the land beneath his sole very badly.He didn’t visit his uncle’s house even for a second and pretended his sheer remorseful state of mind if he was asked the reason of his not going there, albeit he was shocked badly but mostly crumbled down from inside out of fear of the consequence.Police came,the news of Mini’s pregnancy crashed down the firmament upon their roof but the secret remains secretbehind a dubious curtain.Mr.Ganguly only could relate his daughter like niece’s death with the unusual behaviour of his youngest son but he didn’t discuss anything with Abir and not even with his wife but in secret had Abir’s passport and visa for Paris ready and stealthily in one fine morning caught Abir paris bound flight, next day got his safe arrival news from his eldest son who is a hotel owner there.Abir took an year to learn French and initially started doing an odd job to earn his livelihood and slowly slowly adapted himself with the business world and set up his own leather factory that took a giant shape within a couple of year’s span.Still now I wonder what did Abir do in his previous birth how much acre of land did he till for the heaven or how much heaven’s load he had to carry everyday that destiny was all set to put up a red carpet before him ! ! !Now Abir is a billionair, own a farmhouse.4/5 costliest cars, married to a french lady and from his rooftop the sky is just an errand but on the other hand in his uncle’s house a small town few miles from Kolkata is left as no man’s land, there is none to lit the evening lamp.Guardians of both sides are no more, Ratna the eldest daughter married and settled in Bangalore and hardly find time to come and look after the unkempt feeble construction so she had made a deal with a promoter.A sky scrapper is now going to be erected on that very land where a little soul’s sky touching dream has been engraved..(Based on a true story)Biswarup Sinha Roy(C)11/11/2016