Nonfiction | I Survived


Textures of My Soul

What will you do

If all you need is to love and be loved

But you don’t know what love is?

If all you feel is emptiness, boredom and despair

And you need someone to rely on,

Someone to invest in, someone to share your experiences with

And all the depths of your imagination.

But how can you find that someone

If you feel like you are surrounded only by shallow people

And hollow words?

If you feel like you’ve seen it all and nothing impresses you anymore?

If you feel like no one is worth it because you know your worth?

Because you’ve been hurt so much and you feel like no one,

But absolutely no one can understand your pain.

Your soul is numb.

So you wonder over and over again

Why are you so obsessed with a feeling

That you can’t understand anymore,

Can’t reach,

Can’t feel?

But still you want it so badly

Because you know,

You know that once it hits you again

You will revive.

But you remember what they say:

“You fall in love three times in a lifetime.”

But what if my one time was meant

To make up for all those three?