Imagination onto Canvas: An Interview with Desiree Aloba Carabio

“Through my art, I want to convince people to be more accepting and to feel more accepted.”

Desiree Aloba Carabio of the University of the Philippines Cebu is a visual artist who has ventured into the artistic frontier of digital art. At the 49th Shell National Students Art Competition, she explored the theme of Metamorphosis with the digital painting “Marlon Monroe.” Her winning piece navigates the intersections of public and private, the process of transformation and the complexities of gender. As a work of art, it allows us to share the experience of performing gender and to find in this a reflection of beauty. As a digital art piece, it brings to mind questions of the process of art-making in the new millennium. In this month of February, which is both National Arts Month and LGBT History Month, we got together with Desiree to ask her about her creative process and her artwork. The interview that ensued was a look into the unique artistic mind that conceived “Marlon Monroe.”

“Marlon Monroe” by Desiree Aloba Carabio. 1st place, Digital Fine Arts Category, 49th Shell National Students Art Competition.

“Nico Minaj” by Desiree Aloba Carabio. Official entry to the 41st Jose Joya Awards.

“Untitled” by Desiree Aloba Carabio


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