Blessed Sabbath

One winsome word: S A B B A T H

There has never and could ever be such a term, a word so full of meaning: SABBATH.  The day I found you were like parched dirt receiving rain.  A warming sun on a cold winter morn.  A thousand tongue singing AlleluYah.  

My soul athirst, really nauseous by questions dangling in my head without answers.  Sleeping and awaking again without seeing the ultimate beginning.  All I wanted was peace, love and joy.  Instead but the same humdrum routine carried on:  day in day out. 

Indubitably I wanted to meet you, treasure and know you.  Yet  one day, tired of watching time, of  languishing for what seems unreal, insipid, faise, dull and theoretical,   Was it when I was away, long gone, lost in the rambling noise of a dark night I heard your voice?  Where did you find me, where did you originate?  Why so late (I thought) and really when I thought you’d never appear?   Talk about an amazement!  I was bewildered, jolted.  Taking me by everything I’ve got inside You show me yourself, the real You.  The you that love that understand, that suffered all along with me.  You showed me the two sides of you and I loved it.  I lost all of me in You in You.  You trace for my path the steps I should pursue  You bent down the sky and blew a gentle wind to cool my anxious shade. You guided me bit by bit through and however dark the gloom.  I found you, finally found you.  But and… You found me, the big me inside of a small dark place where once I cried for love, joy and peace.  You brought me out with gold N sun glittering all around.  I love you.

When I met with the Sunshine of my life, He took me through a path unique  known only to me and Him.  Both of us knew it perfectly.  I might want and even long to tell you but only I can know and understand the path he has taken me on: where He found me or I let me found by him.  So what I have to say to you today is desire and hunger for SABBATH in your life and one day soon it may be your turn. Your life will revolutionize forever and never to be the same.  Then will you not have found the love of your life, the joy and peace only He gives?  You will have found S A B B A T H. This story does not end here.  The next sequence follow.