Fiction | Short Story


Clarity knows how to turn your pain into an apology, but Nid Jeuniper has trained me a way out of this scenario.

Nid Jeuniper found me, not the other way around.




the most peaceful dagger is Deception

They stay off their feet as much as possible if they’re not at a race or practicing. They look like the laziest people in the world to others, but don’t get it wrong. Their time off is part of the work.

Remind yourself to give, and give often. It should be an active process. Remind yourself and do it until it gains the Momentum of LongevityEventually, the good acts get preserved like a stag beetle set in the resin of your soul.



real world


I would feel better about it, and we could make it official

Chant the Chalisa for your peace.

Keep your boyfriendHe’s part of God’s Prophecy for You

Buckets Buckets full of holes.The good newsis that a leaking bucket can still be filled.It just takes a more continual effort.

Even if I’m stuck in the belly of a whale in the pit of the sea, I promise I’ll come to your wedding and deliver the speech.

If you say he’s great at the wedding, they’ll believe you. All of themBut you need to make it genuine

Navi, take a picture of us with your mind’s eye. Remember my red shirt; put it in the speech. That’s how you bring it to life, the little details. Anyone would want you around all the timeHow lucky I am, that I will get to see myself anew through you



Oh my, she looks solid

It’s the first thing I remembered

me neither