Fiction | Short Story

Skin Hunger

She, too, often felt she would die if she went without physical contact. She worried sometimes that this meant she was becoming one of them.

wet slick

Faux, amazing how realistic it is, isn’t it?

Is this what love feels like?

Sure, babySure

God bless rich perverts

Contact high,

I can stop I can stop if I have to.

I just want to eat her up!

Did you know that orphaned baby monkeys will choose to cling to mothers made of wool that cannot give milk and starve rather than hold mothers made of wire that dispense milk?

You are not a monkey.

Your mother wants you to come home

My mother is not the boss of meIs she not?


No, it’s my babyI’m the mother.

Come awayCome along.

That’s rightWould you like to come with me? I can take you to my home, a magic land. The fruit is so sweet and we play all day and nothing is ever sad. Will you come?

Hey! Get away from him!


It’s alright George, it’s ok. Everything is alright, I forgive you, I love you, we’ll work things out.

You are the most beautiful humans I’ve ever met

Someone’s had too much to drink

I have to go home

You look pale

I need to go home

come away, come away, come away.