Fiction | Short Story

Müllerian Mimicry

Three-fourths of this feeling comes from starting over with Crystal again. An unusual fourth comes from the house’s wide windows.

Come out with itsay something; this was your idea

How are you?

It’s not fine. Fixing this house won’t fix our marriage.

No one has ever lived here, even if they’ve walked here. This house and I are empty.

Never take risksStay safe. This house is safe.It takes an ill personto survive an ill house

It was dressed this time.It’s matured.

Nothing has changed since my high school graduationJesus. It’s really been six years since he went to the care facility. They didn’t let him take anything.

I’m not a dogI don’t want to perform affection.

Sometimes the devil might be right

I need to relax.Last night was probably a hallucination. I haven’t seen that thing since I was a child.

There’s an opossum on the porch

The creature isn’t humanIt’s a mimic of one, of me.

Is this Müllerian mimicry?

In that regardwe’re both mimics

Me too

Whether I was ever here or not I know this place was