Fiction | Short Story


What did it take to divert poisonous attention? Beauty. Sinful amounts of it.

Wura Blackson was determined to rest in peace.

well doneit is done



just like this. I don’t repeat my designs

A 70th birthday? Alright, wear thisYour sugar daddy’s funeral? Oh, then this.Your husband’s nth mistress will be there? Definitely thi

thetheMy daughter, I have taken care of you.

did something

Her parents were thieves in the truest sense, yes, but which billionaire was not?

What’s life without love?I need a person of my own. I need someone who comes from my body, who is a citizen of me, who I can teach about life. I need a child.

what a wonderful mother you are, she looks just like you

I’m never doing this again Never.



which one is your child

pretty; glee




What kind of child was this, so unafraid of the world?

I’ve always admired your strength and confidence. I think you’re a woman who will shine in this world if you really allow yourself to. Don’t let them tie you to a tree. This is your final dress from me. Cancer. Find other dresses. Wear them well. The magic is not in the fabric. It is in your body, your bones, your blood. —WB


You give me courage. You are legitimate even when you’re the only one who knows how to translate yourself onto your body. You are not invisible; you are real. And never alone. I feel you even now. Trust yourself. Take care. —WB