Fiction | Short Story

Playing Games

Anyone can play, she said. Just don’t cheat.

I used to do them as a kidMy grandparents didn’t let me watch TV so I did, like, a million crosswords.

Don’t cheat, don’t cheat, don’t cheat.

This girl thinks she’s somethingActing like she doesn’t already know the answer.

This woman is insufferable

Let’s keep finding our way back to each otherSorry I meant to send that to my sister.

The macThe mac was meant for your sister, right? Not the finding each other.


defeating capitalism, ha, ha!Obviously!

Sleepless in Seattle

just friends

allegedlyperhapsdoes that make sense?I’m not saying it’s NazisBut it might be Let’s call it what it is: terrorismwife

wifelife’s passionno corporate fundsPerfect

Maybe this woman thinks Megan is still with just men